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"Strong this planet is with the Force."
"It is one of the purest places in the galaxy."
―Yoda and the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Dagobah was a planet in the Dagobah system, and one of the purest places in the galaxy within the Force. A remote world of swamps and forests, it served as a refuge for Jedi Grand Master Yoda during his exile after the destruction of the Jedi Order. Luke Skywalker received advanced training in the ways of the Force under Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah, and it was later the place of Yoda's death and transformation into the Force.


Dragonsnake Bog

The swamp-covered surface of Dagobah

"Yes, I'm sure it's perfectly safe for droids."
Luke Skywalker to R2-D2[src]

Dagobah was located in the Sluis sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[1]

Dagobah was a mysterious, mist-shrouded, swampy planet, mostly covered in swamps and bogs, interspersed with countless shallow lakes and lagoons and multiple living caves. The continental and oceanic crusts of Dagobah were only vaguely defined, and there was little in the way of volcanic activity or earthquakes. Dagobah was home to many creatures, such as bogwings, dragonsnakes, butcherbugs, sleens, vine snakes, and swamp slugs. Examples of flora included the Lahdia plant, the Yoghurt plant, Gnarltree and Yarum seed. The planet was devoid of any advanced or indigenous civilization of sentients.[3]

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