Dahnis was a female Twi'lek from Nar Shaddaa. She liked playing Pazaak with men in particular, and so spent much of her time at the Pazaak Den. She also sold cards there. Meetra Surik stumbled upon her when she was searching for one of the missing Jedi Masters, Zez-Kai Ell. Dahnis was not happy that a woman was bothering her, possibly thinking the attractive former Jedi as stealing attention that is usually hers.

Behind the scenesEdit

If you play a male Exile, or bring Atton Rand ,Disciple or Bao-Dur into the Pazaak den with you Dahnis forfeits her Pazaak match to your character. When Dahnis agrees to play pazaak with the player, the Exile instantly wins without any game triggered.