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Dail'Liss was a Neti male Sith and the librarian of the Odacer-Faustin Sith academy. He spoke with a strange accent, in which he pronounced "yes" as "jess", and he served as caretaker of the academy library after the death of Darth Drear. He was the only person that knew about the research of Darth Scabrous, due to his knowledge of Darth Drear's holocron. Dail'Liss survived for a long time while the infection known as the Sickness ravaged throughout the academy, staying secure in the library. However, the Neti was eventually infected by Scabrous himself.

Darth Scabrous used Dail'Liss to lure Hestizo Trace into the library by mimicking the voice of the Murakami orchid, still alive amidst the Sickness. The plan worked and Hestizo was captured by Scabrous. Meanwhile, Dail'Liss began to succumb to the Sickness, and in his maddened state, he started burning all of the library's scrolls and holobooks. He was found by the Jedi Rojo Trace, Hestizo's brother. After being captured by the Neti and seeing his memories of his discovery of the Sith Temple beneath the library, Trace was able to escape and go after his sister.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dail'Liss's name translated in the Neti as "lover of knowledge".

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