Daimanate Sith troopers were the main infantry of Sith Lord Daiman's principality the Daimanate. They wore steel-plated full body armor and were used as a de facto police force and military during the Republic Dark Age in the late New Sith Wars. They saw action during the Second Charge Matrica including the Chelloan and Aquilaris campaigns. By 1032 BBY, the organization had been weakened by Operation: Deluge—a black operation by the Galactic Republic's Grace Command to inundate Sith-controlled space with the addictive spice Deluge. In response, Daiman ordered the purging of half of his military forces. The Odionate agent Claimer Wayman had also infiltrated the corps on Tergamenion, where he succeeded in recruiting a disguised Kerra Holt into Odion's elite Novitiates.


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