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The Daimanite alphabet was a modified version of the Aurebesh alphabet that was developed by the Human Sith Lord Daiman during the time of the Republic Dark Age. Following his rise to power, Daiman ordered that all of the Aurebesh letters that were used to spell his name have two flag-like strokes known as "kerns" added to them, to reflect Daiman's existence. The Sith Lord believed that he had created the galaxy and he claimed that the strokes had always been present on Aurebesh letters and that addition of the strokes to the letters was not an alteration, but was instead a revelation. Following the conception of the Daimanite alphabet, Daiman's electronic records were updated almost instantaneously, to reflect the new system of writing. However, millions of flimsiplast documents and records within Daiman's territories required updating by hand and a number of Daiman's subjects, including the Sullustan Gub Tengo, were tasked with altering the documents.