Daimar was a planet located in the Mid Rim.


Daimar was a lush planet and was located at the center of a trade route through the Mid Rim, in a sector of space that was settled mainly by Rodians. Its cities were created using a unique mixture of ancient and modern methods, so that buildings had an archaic feel to them, despite being made from hi-tech materials.


Daimar was ruled entirely by its monarchy. All power lay in the hands of the King, who also appointed the planet's senator. During the last years of the Galactic Republic, the ruling family was the Lamont Dynasty which was led by King Mitar. They were well liked and respected by the population.


Daimar was settled by Humans and eventually joined the Galactic Republic, becoming a stop on the trade route that it lay on. However, its Rodian neighbors disliked the planet, as they felt that it took away money that should have been theirs. As a result, various conflicts broke out between them over the last 50 years of the Republic, which were known collectively as the Trade Conflicts. During the last years of the Republic, it was represented in the Galactic Senate by Senator Alet Komain.

Following the formation of the Galactic Empire, the population of Daimar refused to submit to the New Order. The Empire responded by blockading Daimar, in an attempt to force them to surrender. The blockade lasted for several months and the Imperials periodically carried out bombardments of the planet. With the population of Daimar close to starvation, King Mitar, the monarch of Daimar, decided to give in. However, before he yielded to the Empire, he formed a small group of people, including the Jedi Shen-Ji Collun, Senator Komain and his granddaughter Princess Wilena, who he wanted to flee the planet, so that they wouldn't fall into Imperial hands. They were able to pass the Imperial blockade and flew to the planet Byrsym.



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