Daino Hyx was a Human male chief medical officer who was attached to Red Hand Squadron during the Galactic Civil War. He was stationed aboard the ship Retribution. He was a short, bearded man who had studied medicine and psychology at one of Alderaan's top universities before joining the Corellian resistance.


His primary assignment had been to find a way for Ylesian slaves to overcome the addictive qualities associated with the Exultation. To do this, he traveled to Nal Hutta to study how the t'landa Til produced the effect in their mating rituals. His solution had been a combination of therapies, mostly drugs and group sessions that would lessen the addictive qualities of the Exultation.

When Red Hand Squadron had captured the slave-ship Helot's Shackle, Daino Hyx used his therapies on the captured slaves and was happy to produce great results in getting the pilgrims to overcome their addictions. This emboldened Bria Tharen to finally invade Ylesia and set all eight-thousand pilgrims free, hoping that a large majority of them would join the Rebel Alliance and boost their cause with strength and numbers.



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