Dair Coladel was a female lieutenant who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


In her youth, Dair Coladel enjoyed consuming kelsen-briar fruits, which her father often caught her stealing. She was stationed aboard a Rebel starship orbiting the Endor moon shortly after the pivotal Battle of Endor. While most of the Alliance's personnel were celebrating their victory on the surface of the moon, Coladel was one of the few individuals to remain on duty to monitor the immediate space around the Alliance fleet and the remnants of the second Death Star. Tired and hungry after being on duty for fourteen hours, Coladel soon detected an unidentified energy spike in the low band subspace range originating from Endor. She initially believed it to be a residual shock wave from the Death Star's destruction, but, following her instincts, she decided to notify her commander about the spike.