Lady Dak-Ah was a Human female Imperial noble who lived during the Cold War. She rescued the captured Republic noble, Altaca, from slavery and the two become lovers; However, Altaca's family put a bounty on his head in order to retrieve him, preferably alive. Crysta Markon sent an aspiring bounty hunter to claim the bounty as part of the Great Hunt.[1]

When Dak-Ah and Altaca were confronted by the bounty hunter at the Nexus Room Cantina, the two were posing as brother and sister, Lord and Lady Dak-Ah. After the hunter explained why they'd come, Lady Dak-Ah expressed her displeasure at the idea of losing Altaca to someone else. Explaining that Altaca's family would pay less for just his body, but that she would compensate the rest of the payment, she asked the hunter to kill him.[1]

The hunter refused the offer and killed her before capturing Altaca.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The player has the option to take Lady Dak-Ah's offer and kill Altaca, or kill neither one and simply take Altaca alive to the protest of Lady Dak-Ah.[1]


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