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"Right now I feel I can take on the whole Empire myself."
"I know what you mean."
―Dak Ralter and Luke Skywalker — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Dak Ralter was a human male from Kalist VI[1] who served as a pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He was very idealistic, joining the Rebel Alliance in order to bring back the Republic and end the Galactic Empire. He was a member of Rogue Squadron, befriending Thane Kyrell shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Before the battle, he was very excited to work with Luke Skywalker, the hero he had heard so much about.[5] He served as Skywalker's gunner and died in the battle.[3]

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Dak Ralter first appeard in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, which was released in North America on 1980. He was portrayd by John Morton.



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