Daleen was a young Human female who was rumored to be a Princess of a royal house until she became a student at the Orsis Academy during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In 39 BBY, she was absent from the academy more often than Maul, a fellow student. Her fighting skills were limited, but the headmaster of the academy, Trezza, was convinced that she could become an effective stealth agent. On a visit to Maul with Kilindi Matako, Daleen forced the Dathomirian Zabrak to stand close enough to her for him to inhale her dizzying aroma, and when he left, she caressed the back of his head, telling him that when he returned they would have a surprise for him. However, when Maul returned, he had orders from Darth Sidious to kill everyone at the academy, and Daleen was slaughtered before she could reveal the surprise.


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