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Dalien Brock was a male Human born from two Je'daii Masters, whom reluctantly trained as a Je'daii Journeyer of the Je'daii Order with his sister, Lanoree, before fleeing after having killed Skott Yun, another Journeyer.

After faking his death, he founded the Stargazer Sect, a cult of fanatics dedicated to find a way to leave Tython system and to reach the stars of their ancestors by all means.

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Personality and traitsEdit

"Even at the beginning of our journey I feel like a rock in the river of the Force... And slowly, slowly, I am being eroded to nothing."
―Dalien Brock, diaries, 10,661 TYA[src]

Dalien was highly individualistic, priding himself on being his own man. During his time on Tython, he grew to reject the Force, dismissing praise from Je'daii Masters and praise that made reference to the Force. His rejection of the Force led him to be angry when his sister used the Force to touch his mind, and to enjoy the other Journeyers' discomfort at the Chasm. He believed that unlike him, the Je'daii could not be their own masters, since they served the Force and were bound by it. Instead of seeking the Force, he turned to the stars, seeking to leave the system.

Nine years after faking his death, his sister Lanoree Brock noted that he grown taller and thinner, and that his child's sadness had turned into adult bitterness. By then, his hair was speckled gray and he bore a scar on his left cheek, but did nothing about these due to his dedication to reactivating the hypergate.

Power and abilitiesEdit

Though Dalien did not have the Force, his sister noted that his skills had always been in combat. During his Great Journey, he was capable of using Alchaka moves in combat.



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