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Hego Damask, secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis, owned a private retreat on the moon of Sojourn. It was here that he would host annual gatherings where he would meet with various figures of corporations and other entities.

In 67 BBY, Damask hosted a gathering where he would meet with Senator Pax Teem, Gardulla Besadii the Elder and others including the Gossam representatives of Subtext Mining.

Across the years, Damask and his apprentice Darth Sidious would meet at this retreat, enacting the various stages of the Sith Grand Plan, instituted by Darth Bane a millennium ago. After Damask was injured on Coruscant during a minor skirmish with Maladian assassins in 52 BBY, Damask lived in seclusion in the retreat.

The retreat was destroyed by a nuclear blast in 33 BBY on the orders of the Naboo King Ars Veruna, who wished to rid himself of Damask.


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