The Damorian Repair Yard was an Imperial owned repair yard. Situated near Draik 4, it was attacked by Rebel Alliance pilots Ace Azzameen and Olin Garn during Azzameen's first training and assessment mission as part of his joining the Alliance starfighter corps. The vessel that was docked there at the time, the Carrack-class light cruiser Sodrab, was Azzameen's primary target and was destroyed. Certainly this would have caused extreme damage to the Repair Yard, if not destroying it outright.

Behind the scenesEdit

Given the lack of the station's own defenses in the game, it is not overly difficult for the player to destroy the station, in addition to the Sodrab, for 'bonus points'. As this is not part of the mission specifically, its destruction is not definite. However, given that a starship exploded while still docked, the facility would certainly have been damaged.



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