«The whole galaxy says that about Hutts. It stops no one from working with us.»
―Damrosch the Hutt[src]

Damrosch was a Hutt who allied the Galactic Republic during the time of the Cold War.[1] He believed that Betterlife Pharmaceuticals was a front company of an Imperial research group, but needed the Jedi to help him prove it.[1]


«When the Empire abducts men of the streets for their experiments, it offends us all, no?»
―Damrosch the Hutt[src]

During the Cold War period, Damrosch the Hutt was already a very influent resident of Nar Shaddaa, and he could be usually seen at the Lower Industrial region of the planet, where he managed to build a factory.

He believed that Betterlife Pharmaceuticals was an Imperial front organization when he realized that they were abducting men of the streets for their experiments, and beign really offended with it. But had no way to prove it, leading him to request help from an individual, instructing him to steal an access card from one of the scientists inside Betterlife Pharmaceuticals and use it to enter in one of their security terminals and get all the information needed.



Notes and referencesEdit

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