The Dancing Flame Tavern was a cantina that was located in the city of Gadrin, on the planet Cularin.


The Dancing Flame Tavern had two floors. The ground floor had a raised stage in the center of the room, which was surrounded by a bar. At the edge of the room, there were ten priate booths and four drop shafts that led to the upper floor. The upper level consisted of a squared balcony, that was surrounded by a further 24 booths.


During the Clone Wars, the Togorian Mebara Jos planned to stage an attack during the Cularin Classic race, but she learned that the Twi'lek investigator Di'hal'uma was close to working out her plans. To stop the Twi'lek, she hired some Corellian thugs to start a fight in the Tavern, creating a distraction that allowed members the Blood Raptors to kidnap Di'hal'uma, who was a patron of the cantina.