Dane Tizzin was an Imperial officer of an influential family. He was raised in the Imperial Navy ranks to become a commodore, hiding a youthful crime caused by his incompetence.


Dane Tizzin, coming from an influential family, was a young Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy. Due to his incompetence, Tizzin caused the explosion of a bay where two technicians were working on the maintenance of TIE fighters. The technicians were killed; Tizzin was not physically there and thus was unharmed.[1]

Tizzin's family used their contacts to hide the Lieutenant's part in the disaster; instead the technicians were blamed for it. The technicians' child, Sapphire, discovered the truth and wanted to get revenge on Tizzin; however, she was forced into the life of a smuggler and was unable to meet with Tizzin.[1]

As of 2 ABY, Tizzin had became a Captain and was still in Sapphire's black list.[1]

Later, Tizzin became a Commodore and Naval attache to the staff of the Moff of Kira sector. He also became a target of an assassination plot, but a young Imperial officer, Lynx Reglis impersonated Sapphire, by then a Rebel agent, to save Tizzin.[2]


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