This article is about the woman who lived on Cularin. You may be looking for a different Dani.

Dani was a female Human who lived on Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Dani lived in the city of Hedrett and was one of the "watchers", a group of young people who kept an eye on the children of Cularin. When Senator Lavina Wren planned to get married, she hired the Heroes of Cularin to investigate a plot to stop her wedding. During their investigations, they asked Dani if she knew anything. She told them that none of the children she watched were involved in the plot, although some rowdy children had recently arrived in the city, from Tolea Biqua on Genarius.

She was a friend of Lora Nadad, a former "watcher" who left to train as a Jedi at the Almas Academy.