Daniel James Gallagher was the programmer for Star Wars: The Arcade Game on the Commodore 64. Star Wars: The Arcade Game was the first product created by Vektor Grafix, which Gallagher co-founded. Shortly thereafter, Gallagher left the company and no longer made Star Wars games.


Gallagher met Andy Craven in Leeds, England, and together they founded Vektor Grafix in June 1987. Gallagher, Craven and Ciaran Gultnieks were the only employees at the time, and together they ported Star Wars: The Arcade Game to various computers.[1] Gallagher left the company shortly after it won the contract for The Empire Strikes Back.[1] Instead, he was the main programmer and co-writer for Ocean's Voyager. He later programmed two games for Psygnosis Limited.


Year Title Format Role
1983 Star Wars: The Arcade Game Commodore 64 Programming
1989 Voyager Amiga, Atari ST Programming
1990 Infestation PC Programming/Author
1992 Red Zone Amiga Coding

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