Danil was a male Human pilot, touristic guide and theater doorman operating in the Cularin system in 31 BBY. He was tall, lanky and evasive.

That year, the Jedi Knight Alec hired Danil as his personal pilot and guide to the city of Depatar, with Alec providing the ship. Danil, dressed in red, was seen with Alec in the Grande Game casino and the Club 111, a locale that Danil had repeatedly visited before.

Soon afterward, Alec decided to hide in the Five Star Entertainment theater, and Danil agreed to be his sentry. Danil had nothing to do until Alec was ready to leave, so Danil got an unsatisfying job as the theater doorman — that way, Danil could control who was entering the theater. At that point, the theater was playing A Rodian Love Story, which was not Danil's favorite play.

Once Alec was ready to leave Depatar, he called Danil and both of them, as well as Alec's new allies, traveled to the planet Cularin, with Danil piloting.