"I've already sworn to hunt down every pus-ridden Emperor lover on this planet..."
―Danla Zin[src]

Danla Zin was a female Human member of the Balmorran resistance during the Galactic War. Her husband, Magar had stolen an Imperial uniforms and with some of his friends tried to infiltrate the Nebula Research Base in the Gorinth Canyon. Unfortunately for them, at the same time the base was being assaulted by th Voidhound and Corso Riggs who, upon seeing Imperials in uniform, opened fire and killed the men on the spot. After Danla Zin called Magar on the holocomm, the smuggler and Corso in horror recognized their terrible mistake. They approached her to express their regrets, but Danla Zin held no grudge for them, having already lost too much in the war against the Empire. With Corso Riggs's approval, she kicked the rude man Whitat out of the resistance.