Dantin Vellos was a male Zabrak, who worked as a mercenary during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Vellos became the leader of a mercenary group and commanded the Rodian Taznak Pajiic, the Herglic Sinbbis and the Arcona Ajalo Nills. When the Ithorian herdship Bazaar traveled to the Cularin system, a podrace was scheduled and Osten Dal'Nay, the leader of the Cularin Militia planned to use the event to publicize the activities that the Thaereian military was pursuing in the system. The Thaereians responded by hiring Vellos, and his mercenaries, to kill Dal'Nay. After the podrace was held, the spectators traveled to the village of Tathin on the planet Cularin and Vellos contacted Dal'Nay, claiming to be a potential benefactor for the Militia. Dal'Nay went to meet with Vellos, who had arranged an ambush and had his mercenaries throw some thermal detonators and fragmentation grenades at Dal'Nay. However, the Human survived and fled into the Cularin jungle. Vellos pursued and he and his mercenaries attacked a pair of Ithorian botanists who they passed. Eventually, the mercenaries trapped Dal'Nay at a shallow stream and attacked him with melee weapons, because they believed that the noise from blaster fire would draw too much attention to them. However, the heroes of Cularin suddenly arrived and they defeated Vellos and his mercenaries.