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The Dantooine Enclave starship was a small Jedi starship.


The vessel was capable of carrying at least four passengers. It had two wings attached to a central chassis, and was supported on landing by multiple landing struts, allowing for ventral disembarkation.


This ship was used by the Jedi Order, in particular the Dantooine Enclave, during the period of the Old Republic. In 3993 BBY, it was used by the Jedi Knights Guun Han Saresh, Shaela Nuur, Duron Qel-Droma and Cale Berkona to return from Tatooine to Dantooine following their successful mission to eradicate the terentateks there. The same crew—minus Berkona who was recovering from injuries—then traveled in the starship to Korriban, where they attempted unsuccessfully to destroy that planet's terentatek population.[1]

After its owners' demise on Korriban, the ship was later present on Ralltiir in 3963 BBY. It was berthed adjacent to Pad 223, where the Snivvian con-artist Marn Hierogryph was delivered the stolen provisioning ship, the Little Bivoli.[2]

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This ship was drawn by Dustin Weaver in both its appearances. He confirmed it is the same ship on the Dark Horse forums.[3]


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