The Dantooine Express StarSpeeder 1000 was a modified StarSpeeder 1000 spacecraft used by interstellar travel agency Star Tours to operate flights bound for the Outer Rim[4] planet Dantooine[2] prior to 0 BBY.[3] This starship was painted red and white, with a large Aurebesh letter Dorn and smaller aurebesh letters Aurek, Besh, and Grek.[1] It was named after both the planet as well as Dantooine Express, a separate spaceliner company from Star Tours that specialized in more ecological-based tours and was a fellow member of the Galactic Tourist Bureau.

The ship was equipped with hyperdrive and shielding systems, two flash cannons and two laser cannons; it was crewed by a pilot, a green-colored astromech droid and a systems analyst.[2] It could support up to 40 passengers.[3]

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The Dantooine Express StarSpeeder 1000 was first introduced on The Walt Disney Company website in 2011 as a papercraft model.[1] The speeder was also released in the same year in a set of diecast toys, the StarSpeeder 1000 Spaceliner Collection.[2]

According to a Star Tours: The Adventures Continue poster sign, only Star Tours flew StarSpeeder 1000s, which confirms Star Tours ownership of this vessel.[5] The Japanese version, however, indicated that it was part of a separate company which was affiliated with Star Tours via the Galactic Tourist Bureau.


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