The Danuta Temple was established by B'omarr Order in the city of Trid on Danuta, which was primarily populated by Hutts and their smugglers during the days of the Old Republic, but later went under control of the Galactic Empire.[1] Like thousands of other religions within the Empire, the monks were tolerated by the Imperials as long as they remained apolitical.[2] In addition to embodies and disembodied monks who lived within the Temple, some supporters of their religion lived within the city of Trid and only visited the Temple during the regular ceremonies and prayers. One such visitor was Meck Odom, an Imperial officer whose position in the Imperial Military forced him to keep his religious beliefs a secret.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Although the Temple and one of the monks from it first appeared in the Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire novel, it was its audio adaptation that established their affiliation with the B'omarr Order, creating a retcon.


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