"You're wanted dead or alive, Connor Freeman. And I don't care if Fett gets taken down with you."

Daquinn was a male Human bounty hunter who tried to collect the bounty on Connor Freeman, a Human who owed half a million credits to a powerful crimelord named Tayand. Daquinn, joined by his group of fellow bounty hunters called the League of Bounty Hunters, tracked Freeman to a bar he frequented. Chasing their bounty to a dead end, Daquinn and his group came face to face with the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett, who was also after Freeman's bounty. Fett advised them to give up the hunt but unwilling to back down, the League of Bounty Hunters engaged Fett in a fight. Amongst the League, Daquinn, and the Whiphid Yarttar were the only ones to survive.

The two remaining members of the League tracked down Fett and Freeman to a refueling station, and launched an ambush on a distracted Fett, who was engaged in a struggle with Freeman. Firing a missile from their ship, Daquinn and Yarttar incapacitated Freeman and knocked Fett to his feet. Seizing the chance, Yarttar quickly took Freeman while Daquinn shot Fett with a blaster. Believing that he finally killed the Mandalorian, Daquinn contacted Tayand about the bounty and took him to the planet Cilare, where Tayand's headquarters was located.

But as soon as they landed, Freeman shot and killed Yarttar when the latter tried to carry him inside Tayand's headquarters. Daquinn was about to shoot Freeman when Fett swooped in on his jetpack and took Freeman back. When Fett presented Freeman to Tayand, Daquinn was present and protested the transaction. He was silenced, however, when Tayand threatened to slice his throat with a knife that the crimelord always carried. After Fett accepted Freeman's offer of three credits to anyone who kills Tayand, a skirmish ensued and both Fett and Freeman tried to escape. Daquinn tracked them both and shot Freeman on the shoulder, but was shot by Fett in return. Still alive, Daquinn was strapped by Fett to his jetpack and launched him towards the open mouth of Tayand's pet Rancor. The ensuing blast killed both Daquinn and the rancor.