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Darci Sertim was a Human female mercenary attached to a civilian security force guarding a hyperbaride synthesis plant on the planet Marca, along with her twin sister Marci and older sister Gayle. Gayle was killed by Vost Tyne, who claimed her death to be the work of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Darci and Marci went on to harbor a strong hatred against the Rebellion until they came across recently captured Rebel agents infiltrating the plant. The Rebels revealed the truth behind Gayle's death and the sisters decided to help them escape and get revenge on Tyne. Tyne found out and had the two arrested, taking Darci to his room for interrogation. During the interrogation, Marci had set the plant's hyperbatteries to self-destruct, causing Tyne to attempt to flee the facility. He used Darci as a hostage while he made for the landing bay. Darci was less harsh and cold-blooded than her sister, but her loyalty still remained only to herself and Marci.

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