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The Dargas were a Near-Human sentient species native to the red desert planet Zender.[1]

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Dargas were a near-Human species, differing from baseline Humans by their blue skin and red eyes. They were the genetic descendants of the original Human inhabitants of Zender, who were mutated via exposure to radioactive Dorium in the planet's crust.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

Darga society was nomadic, using banthas to move between oases in the vast deserts of their homeworld. Over time, the Dargas organized into tribes, who perpetually warred against each other over possession of the oases and the fruit trees that grew there.[1]


When the Galactic Empire made contact with the Dargas, the feuding tribes decided to put aside their differences and unite against the invaders, fighting against them with guerrilla tactics. The tribal alliance was led by a chief mystic named Zindati.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dargas were created by Jean Balczesak for the ambiguously canon roleplaying scenario Plus froid que l'espace, which appeared in the French magazine Casus Belli HS12.


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