Darim Chumu was the business manager of the High Card Casino on the planet Danteel.


Darim Chumu was a male Human who worked as the accountant and business manager of the High Card Casino on the planet Danteel during the Galactic Civil War. Hoping to set himself up as a business kingpin, Chumu plotted to discredit Veilred Jydor, the casino's owner, and Jydor's Twi'lek rival Arvakke, to have them banned under Danteel law from engaging in business, thus allowing Chumu to take over in their absence. To that end, Chumu had his guard Rovi murder Jydor's rival Carisica Vanq and attempted to frame Jydor for the crime, whilst he hoping to discredit Arvakke by revealing to the authorities that the Twi'lek had attempted to rig a sabacc tournament that was being held in the High Card. After the gambler Lando Calrissian was overheard talking about Carisica Vanq in the casino, Chumu sent Rovi to escort Calrissian to his office. Calrissian and the thief Bink Kitik subsequently tricked Chumu into believing that they were forgers who had been hired by Vanq to create fake works of art for her, to deceive Chumu into thinking that a Tchine statue that he had stolen from Vanq was a copy. Concerned, Chumu hired Kitik to verify the authenticity of the statue, and she falsely claimed that it was indeed a fake. Shortly afterward, Chumu was arrested by the Danteel City Police after a camera droid recorded a confession by him of involvement in Vanq's demise.