Daring was a Strike-class medium cruiser involved in the Battle of To-phalion Base. It was also a member of task force that arrived late to the battle and rescued Grand Admiral Thrawn.


The Daring had just arrived at the To-phalion Base with Thrawn's task force when Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin escaped with the captured CR90 corvette Vorknkx, the testbed ship for the Vorknkx Project. Fortunately, Thrawn tricked Zaarin into taking with him a tracking device that was planted on the Vorknkx, so Thrawn's fleet tracked Zaarin down deep in the Iast system. After using the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Corvus to trap Zaarin, the Daring partnered with the Strike-class cruiser Ebolo to attack Zaarin's flagship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory. Daring took a fair amount of damage from enemy transports and the Glory, but Maarek Stele defended the vessel. Daring and Ebolo cooperated in the destruction of the Glory, and the Daring is presumed to have survived the battle.