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Dark Empire: The Collector's Edition was a five CD-ROM boxed set collection by Warner Audio Video Entertainment featuring adaptations of the Dark Empire comic franchise. The set collected both the Dark Empire and Dark Empire II audio dramas along with an exclusive adaptation of the Empire's End comic series as a bonus. The adaptations were full cast audio dramas adapted by John Whitman, who also served as creative director, and directed by Arthur G. Insana. They featured parts of composer John Williams' classic score along with authentic stereo sound effects. Russell Burt served as sound designer and the audio content was recorded at West Valley Studios in Chatsworth, CA.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Listen to the entire full cast dramatization of the Dark Empire series in one exciting 5-CD collection, including the exclusive Empire's End, available only in this special Collector's Edition!

Dark Empire The fight for freedom rages on as a reborn Empire—guided by a mysterious new leader—strikes back against the Rebel Alliance. But the Rebels discover that their greatest foe may be their closest friend: Luke Skywalker!

Dark Empire II Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance face a terrible new threat as a group of "Dark Jedi" fulfill the Emperor's final mission: Operation Shadow Hand, a devastating plan carried out by the deadliest dark side mind of all!

Empire's End This exclusive bonus CD features the final confrontation between Luke Skywalker and the Emperor in a battle to decide the fate of the galaxy!

Cast and crewEdit

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Audioplay by: John Whitman

Music by: John Williams

Produced and directed by: Arthur G. Insana

Voice Cast:

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