Dark Empire 3: The Battle for Calamari

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Dark Empire 3: The Battle for Calamari was the third issue of the six-part Dark Empire series of comics. It was released April 21, 1992 by Dark Horse Comics and reprinted on August 18, 1992.

Opening crawlEdit

Brought to a sinister and beautiful world called ''Byss'', Luke Skywalker finds himself the prisoner of ''Emperor Palpatine'', now triumphantly alive! 

As the villainous Emperor explains to Luke, it was to Byss that his living energy was transported when his diseased and corrupted body was destroyed by Darth Vader. On Byss he took a new ''clone body'' – as he had ''many times before''. 

Once restored to physical life, the Emperor allowed the civil war to rage on while he quietly and patiently rebuilt his forces, preparing a massive final blow against all who would deny him everlasting dominion over the Empire! 

Even now, as Luke appears to fall under the Emperor’s ever-expanding power, massive engines of destruction are inflicting death blows to the floating cities of Calamari, long-standing allies of the Rebel Alliance... 

In response to Admiral Ackbar’s urgent commands, the Rebel Destroyer ''Emancipator'', together with an armada of Frigates and Star Cruisers, makes the hyperspace jump to the Calamari water world, ready to engage the Emperor’s ''World Devastators''!

Publisher's summaryEdit

A war for the planet Calamari erupts over that planet's surface, already threatened by the massive World Destroyers. While Lando and Wedge take on the Imperial stormtroopers, Leia is tormented by visions of Luke being sucked into the darkness. Meanwhile, it seems that Han has run into some "old friends"!


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