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The Dark Wars (39553951 BBY) was a historical time period that encompassed a number of conflicts which stemmed from the defeat of the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War. The First Jedi Purge and much of the Sith Civil War occurred during this turbulent period.



Notes and referencesEdit

History of the Sith
First Sith Empire · Hundred-Year Darkness · Sith Empire
Great Hyperspace War · Old Sith Wars (Great Sith War · Jedi Civil War · Dark Wars : First Jedi Purge/Sith Civil War)
Resurgent Sith Empire · Great Galactic War · Cold War · Galactic War
Fourth Great Schism · New Sith Wars (Second Sith Civil War · Republic Dark Age)
Order of the Sith Lords · Lumiya's Sith · Lost Tribe of Sith · Lost Tribe of Sith emergence
One Sith · Sith–Imperial War · Second Imperial Civil War

Conflicts of the Old Sith Wars
Great Sith War · Great Hunt · Cleansing of the Nine Houses · Kanz Disorders · Mandalorian Wars
Jedi Civil War · Sith Civil War · Dark Wars · First Jedi Purge
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