The dark grove of Naboo was a Force nexus corrupted by the dark side of the Force, that rested on the outskirts of Gungan ruins. The area seemed colder and darker than the surrounding swamp. A mutated tangler tree rested at the center of the grove, and attacked any creatures that entered its range by whipping at them with thorn-covered vines or simply by launching the thorns as a projectile.

In 32 BBY, a Dark Side Adept by the name of Savor Kibbs set up camp near the grove, and fed on its power. He used the grove to enthrall a group of Naboo and Gungan refugees to his cause, and also used the power to create a Force illusion of Darth Maul to attack members of the defunct Naboo Underground.

Behind the scenesEdit

Text within the Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game allows Jedi Padawan Rann I-Kanu the opportunity to identify the presence of the dark side permeating the grove. The text indicates that while players don't have the means to destroy the nexus, it suggests that game masters can build a future adventure thread around leading members of the Jedi Council to the nexus.