The Darklight was an Imperious-class Star Destroyer that served Darth Krayt's Sith Empire during the Second Imperial Civil War.


On order from Coruscant, the Darklight was sent to Falleen to bombard the populace into submitting to Sith Imperial demands. However, the Imperial vessel was attacked by a strike force consisting of Rogue Squadron and the Mynock. The smuggler vessel snuck past the Star Destroyer's defenses, unloading two Jedi, Cade Skywalker and his old master Wolf Sazen, into one of its hangars and took off again. The two made their way to the reactor core of the ship, rigging it with explosives, and then made their way back to the hangar to steal two Predator-class starfighters. As the ship exploded, its burning structure fell onto a mountain on the planet.

Skywalker was later rewarded for his actions by the Hutt Grand Council member Vedo Anjiliac Atirue.



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