The Darkmoon was a Sith-aligned mercenary ship.

In 3957 BBY the Darkmoon and its crew was hired by an ambitious Sith leader, to investigate a hidden research facility that was reportedly producing advanced battle droids. This Sith leader was attempting to uncover the facility in order to impress Darth Malak.

The mission was meant to be secret, however Republic forces intercepted, heavily damaged, and boarded the ship. The Jedi-lead Republic squad and Sith crew battled on deck to regain control of the ship.

Behind the scenesEdit

This ship is the centerpiece of a Star Wars Miniatures scenario. The fate of the Darkmoon is determined by the outcome of a player battle. It was possible for either the Republic boarders or the Sith crew to win the battle and regain control of the ship. Depending on the outcome, either Malak or Bastila Shan will show up to battle the ship's crew.