The Darknon Repair Bay was one of the few establishments in Darknon Station during the Rebellion era which still functioned and on which many visiting spacers depended. The Duros Olev Madak, an expert starship mechanic, charged about 50 credits an hour for his time for repairing starships, not including the inflated charge for rare replacement parts. Most of the time Olev was running around what was left of the station, trying to keep the power generator, life support and tracking systems in the Darknon Control area working, as well as checking areas within the station for hull breaches or other hazardous areas which should be sealed off.

While Olev could work on starships in their docking bays, he preferred to have captains move their ships to his own repair bay. Olev couldn't always insure that the machinery maintaining atmosphere, pressure, and the magnetic field on the other docking bays would hold. Since he personally maintained the support systems in his repair bay, he felt safer working on ships there.

The area around the actual repair bay was filled with ancient starship parts—few of which could be used on more modern starships—and newer replacements in dented metal crates. Olev's personal quarters consisted of a captain's cabin completely removed from a light freighter and reassembled in one part of his storage bay.