"Women with revolutions! That's what it is, boy! Stay clear of them and you'll live a whole lot longer!"
―Darren T. Weeb[src]

Darren T. Weeb was a smuggler and captain of the freighter Arcadia during the Galactic Civil War.


Weeb was a self-educated man. He had made smuggling his business since c. 35 BBY, and past run-ins with the law had almost ended with him on Kessel. He often worked with Jenna Lars, and he was known to be very protective of his associate. Weeb had his own private score against the Galactic Empire, and was not averse to aiding the Rebel Alliance in their struggle, provided it did not put Jenna at risk. He was known to present the façade of a simpleton, and to be suspicious of Force-users.

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