"That fella must have been awful important to merit such a big statue. Wonder who he was?"
Corso Riggs, upon viewing Darrus Alde's holostatue[src]

Darrus Alde was a Human male who lead the noble House Alde on the planet Alderaan and became the world's first king when he brought peace to the other warring noble houses to form the Alderaanian Parliament.


Darrus Alde[1] was a Human[2] male who served as the head of House Alde on the planet Alderaan, centuries after[1] the planet was colonized by Humans around 27,500 BBY.[3] When the other warring noble families gathered for a battle at a canyon east of the Juran Mountains, Alde prevented the fighting by parleying with the various houses and convincing them to end their rivalries. Under Alde's leadership, the building known as the Elysium was constructed in the Glarus Valley to house the newly-formed Alderaanian Parliament, and he was elected by the Parliament at the Elysium to serve as the first King of Alderaan.[1] The canyon was named after Alde, as was the King's Road that led from the King's Pass to the Alde estate.[4] His descendants in House Alde later prided themselves on their purity of their lineage,[5] displaying a hologram of the king in their estate and keeping a statue of Darrus in the House Alde Royal Museum.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Darrus Alde was first mentioned in the Codex entries for King's Pass and House Alde in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game released by BioWare and LucasArts in 2011, and he is represented in statues and holograms in House Alde's estate.


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