"The ancient Sith Lords are revered on Dromund Kaas, but to move forward, we must abandon the old ways."
―Empress Acina[src]

Darth Acina, later known as Empress Acina, was a Human female Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the Sith Empire's ruling Dark Council during the Galactic War with the Galactic Republic. Following the Eternal Empire's conquest, and the deaths or disappearances of the other members of the Dark Council, she claimed the title of Empress of the Sith, becoming the sole ruler of the Sith Empire.


Dark CouncillorEdit

"A recently-elevated peer among our elite. This introduction is long overdue. I'm Darth Acina of the Dark Council."
―Darth Acina[src]

Acina was chosen by the Emperor's Hand to be the new head of the Sphere of Technology after the death of Darth Karrid at Duro and to watch over a warehouse of powerful technology known as the Arcanum. When the rogue Dread Masters broke into Arcanum and stole the Seeds of Rage. Acina was quick to summon an Imperial individual to assist in recovering the seeds.

In the aftermath of the Eternal Empire's invasion of the larger galaxy and the death or disappearance of all other Dark Council members, Darth Acina assumed leadership of the Empire and declared herself Empress of the Sith. Her ascension was openly supported by the majority of the remaining Empire.

Empress of the SithEdit

At some point during Acina's reign, she pardoned the Imperial officer Malavai Quinn, who had been imprisoned for defying the Minister of Logistics, Gelmid Lorman, and took him on as an advisor.

Empress Acina bided her time during Arcann's reign, but upon learning of his defeat at the hands of the Outlander, set in motion her plans to reclaim the Sith Empire's power, realizing that the Alliance that defeated Arcann would be strong enough to eventually defeat the notoriously unstable Vaylin. To this end, Empress Acina arrived unannounced at the Invasion of Voss, rescuing the Outlander and the Alliance from the Eternal Fleet. She subsequently invited the Outlander to Dromund Kaas to negotiate an agreement between the two independent powers.


Acina speaks with The Outlander on Dromund Kaas

Upon arrival, the Outlander and their aides, Lana Beniko and Theron Shan, were brought by Minister Lorman to Empress Acina, who suggested that she and the Outlander discuss their alliance in private aboard her personal shuttle. In flight and away from prying eyes, Acina assured the Commander that her offer was genuine, and that she had no intention of taking the Eternal Throne for herself. Their conversation was interrupted by a sudden engine failure, requiring Acina to down the shuttle and abandon ship. Now stuck in the wilderness of Dromund Kaas, Empress Acina and the Commander were forced to contend with the planet's dangerous wildlife and lightning storms. The pair eventually discovered that their shuttle had been downed by the GenoHaradan, whom the Empress had always assumed to be a myth. The legendary assassins proved no match for the Alliance Commander and the Empress of the Sith, however, as the pair shortly dealt with the assassins and located their camp. The Outlander discovered from the camp's logs that the assassination attempt was organized by none other than Leontyne Saresh, the former Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, in a bid to take over the Alliance.

When they came under renewed assault, Empress Acina and the Commander took shelter in a nearby Sith tomb. Although Acina was unaware of it, the Outlander had a brief discussion with her former master, Vitiate, upon the discovery of the Sith Lord the tomb had been built for. As the pair descended further into the tomb's depths, Empress Acina fondly recalled her training on Korriban, where she, like all Sith initiates, had been required to regularly venire into the danger-filled tombs. Eventually, the Empress and the Outlander were confronted by a traitorous Minister Lorman and the final GenoHaradan strike team, seeking to finish the job. When the GenoHaraden were dispatched, Empress Acina offered final judgment of Lorman to the Outlander. The pair then made haste to Kaas City so the Commander could return to Odessen and deal with Saresh. Once the former Chancellor had been dealt with, Empress Acina contacted the Commander to ratify their Alliance.

Following Vaylin's defeat on Odessen, Empress Acina issued an emergency distress call to the Alliance, informing that the Eternal Fleet was bombarding Dromund Kaas indiscriminately. Acina's alert was but the first of many signaling that the final battle for the Eternal Throne was at hand. After the Outlander ended the bombardment and seized the Eternal Throne, Empress Acina oversaw the cleanup on Dromund Kaas, but shortly afterward, regardless of whether she and the Outlander became allies, she began preparing her people for war.

Personality and traitsEdit

Darth Acina

Acina after being appointed to the Dark Council

"In the past, arrogance would have blinded us to our flaws. Now we understand admitting weakness is the first step in eliminating it."
―Empress Acina, to the Outlander[src]

Acina was a pragmatic and progressive Sith, that sought to unify the remnants of the Sith Empire after the death of Darth Marr. During the appearance of the Eternal Empire and its subsequent attack on Sith space, Acina avoided the other Dark Councilors' attempts to fight the new enemy, a decision which eventually left her the only one standing after their deaths or disappearances. Unopposed and having avoided personal involvement with the Sith's capitulation to Zakuul, Acina easily claimed the throne for herself, with an unexpected amount of popular support. Although it was easy to brand her a cowardly opportunist, many acknowledged that Acina's more measured and calculated approach enabled her to rise higher than anyone predicted, and some began to call her the "wisest of the Sith".

During her interactions with the Outlander, Empress Acina displayed a willingness to work with them against Zakuul, and proved to be a reliable ally both during their personal interactions and their later struggles against the Eternal Throne. She was, nonetheless, as ruthless as any Sith, and was eager to execute Minister Gelmid Lorman for his betrayal during the revolt against the Eternal Empire.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"Your skills are impressive, Commander. It is good to know your reputation is not exaggerated."
"You handle yourself well in a fight."
"I can pilot a shuttle too... unless someone
sabotages it."
―Acina and The Outlander compliment each other's fighting prowess.[src]

As a member of the Dark Council, Darth Acina was strong in the Force, competent in combat, and possessed a certain degree of political acumen, although during her initial tenure in the Council, she was a relatively minor player and seemed to demure to Darth Marr's leadership alliance. She relied on a purple double-bladed lightsaber in combat.

As befitting the head of the Sphere of Technology, Acina possessed technical skills that other Sith Lords rarely concerned themselves with. Despite this, Darth Acina seemed to eschew the cybernetic enhancements that many of her peers and underlings relied upon, although she may simply have not suffered any injuries that would have made them necessary. She was a capable pilot, and even used associated jargon when presented with an emergency.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Acina was first introduced in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel, the first Digital Expansion for the BioWare video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, where her Codex entry stated that she was the successor to Darth Hadra, who had been killed on Corellia. However, this contradicted the 2012 novel The Old Republic: Annihilation, which stated that Darth Karrid was chosen as Hadra's successor.[1] This was determined to be an error, and the Codex entry was rectified in Update 2.1.1 to correctly state that Acina succeeded Karrid.[2]

Her ascension to the throne is first mentioned in dialog by Lana Beniko when she updates the Outlander on the events of the last few years in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire.

In Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception, if the Outlander rescues Zasha Ranken, the latter tells Empress Acina, who conveys her gratitude in an e-mail, even though she cannot openly support the Alliance.

When meeting Acina after the events on Voss, if the player had done her mission with the Seeds of Rage in the past, she will greet the Commander as an old acquaintance rather than meeting for the first time.

Darth Acina's initial character model was a generic human female, but she received an updated model with a unique face and armor as Empress in Knights of the Eternal Throne.



Notes and referencesEdit

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