"The ritual I performed was too much power too quickly. I am disintegrating rapidly. I have begun to drain parts of my power into holocrons, though it is only a temporary solution."
―Darth Iratus[src]

Darth Iratus was a Human male Sith Lord of the reconstituted Sith Empire who was dead before the Cold War that divided his time between Belsavis and Balmorra; who performed a forbidden ritual on Belsavis that could heal a fractured body and kept writings of this technique.

Iratus possessed too much power that rapidly decayed his body. Though placing his power within holocrons was a temporary measure, Iratus sought out the Rakata Mother Machine on Belsavis to find a cure to his ailment. Unfortunately, he perished at the blasters of Rakatan guardian droids while attempting to gain access of a device.

Nonetheless, Iratus' holocrons came into the possession of Darth Thanaton, placed within his private library, which Lord Kallig broke in to find Iratus' journals for a similar problem.

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