Darth Krayt's throne room was located near the peak of the Sith's private tower atop the Temple of the Sith on Coruscant.

Outside the throne room was a short hall that led from a set of turbolifts and terminated in the large durasteel doors that blocked entrance to the room. Beyond, the doors, the throne room was simple and dark, lit only by the red lights that were installed in the black walls, and through a large circular window. Opposite the window was the throne of the Dark Lord, a simple stone seat, with a stand to its left for Krayt's mask.

A circular chamber, the hall was decorated only by a podium that sat opposite the entrance. Atop was a glass case the housed the lightsaber of Kol Skywalker, a symbol of the fall of the mightiest Jedi. It was within these chambers that Krayt related his past to Cade Skywalker and revealed that he was once a Jedi.

During a session with Cade, the Temple was attacked by Morrigan Corde and Cade's former companions. After Darth Nihl and Darth Talon were dispatched by Cade, who had taken up his father's lightsaber, the last of the Skywalkers leapt through the window of the Tower and landed aboard his own personal spacecraft, piloted by his friends.

Another chamber, more private and secure, existed beneath the throne room. Here, Krayt sat on a massive stasis throne, and was tended to here by the ever loyal Darth Wyyrlok. A large holoscreen sat in front of the throne where constant message updates and images were forwarded to the Dark Lord.

Deep beneath the throne room was the Embrace of Pain chamber where Cade Skywalker would be tortured in the Embrace.