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"Your place is not to think. It is to hunt."
―Darth Marr to Teneb Kel[src]
Darth Marr was a Dark Lord of the Sith in the times of the Great Galactic War and a member of the Dark Council.


After Sith apprentice Teneb Kel defeated his former Master, Lord Calypho, Lord Marr took Kel before the Sith Emperor and introduced him as the weapon chosen to hunt down the traitor Exal Kressh, the Emperor's former apprentice.

By the end of the Great Galactic War Darth Marr was one of only seven surviving members of the Dark Council. Like the other surviving councilors, Marr was granted an insignificant star system that the Galactic Republic was forced to give up in the Treaty of Coruscant for him to do as he wished.

In the Cold War, Darth Marr was one of the many members of the Dark Council who had accepted Darth Baras's claim to being the Voice of the Emperor. When the Emperor's Wrath arrived to challenge this claim before the Council, Baras would call upon the Dark Council to strike at the Sith Warrior, but Marr refused as he stated that he would not defy the Emperor's wishes by opposing one of his agents. Thus, he allowed a duel between the Emperor's Wrath and Darth Baras with the victor being the true servant of the Emperor.

After the long duel, Baras was defeated by the Wrath. Baras orderd Darth Marr to kill the young warrior or "suffer the Emperor's disfavor". Marr with a cold voice replied that he will risk it. None of the other Dark Councilors would aid Baras either. The Wrath killed Baras and Marr accepted the Sith as the Emperor's Wrath and pledged his loyalty, unless his or her will be against the will of the Council.

Sometime later, Darth Thanaton, a new addition to the Council, attempted to appeal for Lord Kallig's execution. However, Marr, along with the rest of the Dark Council, curious to see why Thanaton was unable to kill one Sith Lord, allowed them to duel each other. Kallig bested Thanaton and Darth Mortis executed him while Darth Ravage expressed relief to be rid of him. Marr retorted that Thanaton was a better Sith than he gave him credit for. Mortis then offered Kallig Thanaton's seat on the Council which Ravage opposed. Marr advised him to be silent, stating that Kallig has earned it. He then christened Kallig with the title of Darth Nox and Thanaton's position as keeper of Sith knowledge.

Along with fellow Dark Councilors Ravage and Nox, Marr was called to Ilum to discuss the betrayal of Darth Malgus.

Personality and traits

Darth Marr had no admiration or respect for Lord Calypho and felt that his teachings made him overstep his bounds in an attempt to acquire power he had not earned. He also showed this lack of respect toward Calypho's apprentice, Teneb Kel, calling him a disgrace because Kel never completed his training and was spared Calypho's fate. When he observed Teneb Kel's duel with a half-dead Calypho, he believed only a boy drew strength from fear and that a man draws strength from hate. Darth Marr demonstrated unquestioning loyalty to the Sith Emperor, shown when he bowed before the Sith Emperor when he delivered Teneb Kel. He expected the Sith who were not seated on the Dark Council to follow whatever command they were given without question and would threaten them with violence if they showed any form of defiance. This was evidenced when Teneb Kel refused to kneel before the Dark Council and Marr threatened to kill him with Force lightning. Despite his cold and merciless nature, Marr was rational enough to not kill an individual if they possessed important information he needed to know, such as when he decided to spare Teneb Kel for his defiance when Kel mentioned he had something the Dark Council wanted. He also later developed a respect for Teneb Kel. After Mortis executed Kel he chastised Ravage for mocking Thanaton, saying that he was a better Sith than Ravage gave him credit for being.

Powers and abilities


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As a member of the Dark Council, Darth Marr was one of the most powerful Sith in the Empire. He demonstrated an impressive degree of skill in the use of Force Lightning.



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