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Darth Nurin was a female Human Sith Lord of the Resurgent Sith Empire and could be found in the Imperial Fleet in the Operations Center of the Ziost Shadow. She was known to have taken at least one apprentice, the Zabrak Lord Velnine.

She was tasked with the mission to ally the Empire to the Tion Hegemony, following a lull in hostilities with the Republic. It was during this time that Doctor Lorrick released his weaponized version of the rakghoul plague, sending the Hegemony spiraling into chaos as citizens attempted to escape their doomed worlds. In order to combat this pandemic, while hoping to gain access to the virus itself for the Empire, she researched the new strain and sent imperial spacers to contain the threat in the Battle of Kaon.

Following their successful return she then sent them after the vigilante Doctor Lorrick, hiding in his lab somewhere on the planet Ord Mantell, to both remove him as a threat and to strengthen ties with the Hegemony.

Behind the scenesEdit

She introduces the Imperial players to the new flashpoints Kaon Under Siege and The Lost Island.


Notes and referencesEdit

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