Darth Phobos's simulacrum was one of the simulacrums used during the Trial of Insight in the form of a Theelin Sith, Darth Phobos. In 3 BBY, secret Sith apprentice Starkiller entered the Jedi Order to finish the last trial.



After the death of the feared Theelin Sith Lady, the Jedi fashioned a simulacrum in her form to be used in the Jedi Trials.

Trial of InsightEdit

In 3 BBY, the Sith apprentice of Darth Vader, Galen Marek, AKA Starkiller, was sent on a mission to finish the defunct Jedi trials and succeeded. The simulacrum attempted to deceive him by assuming the appearance of Captain Juno Eclipse, whose death Starkiller feared greatly, but was overpowered and killed when the apprentice impaled it through the back with his lightsaber.


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