Darth Revan's robes were aptly named for being the usual wear of Revan during his time as a Sith Lord, though they were destroyed when he was captured by the Jedi Order, as the Jedi viewed his clothing as an abomination.

The robes are created by a mystical technology of the Star Forge in a way to fuel the dark side energies of the wearer through the garments to strengthen him.

The Jedi Council, as well as mind-wiped Revan, were unaware that such an item of terrible power could be possibly created by the Star Forge for the second time.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player chooses the dark side path, they receive a pair of robes on the Star Forge very similar to the original guise instead of the Star Forge Robe. These robes can be worn only by Jedi characters who have a dark side alignment. The wearer receives Strength bonus and an ability to regenerate 1 health point every 5 seconds.

Although it is stated that the robes were created by the Star Forge, Revan is shown wearing them on Dantooine, whilst unearthing the Star Map in the ancient ruins there, before he discovered the Star Forge's location.

Revan is seen wearing similar robes on the front cover of The Old Republic: Revan, despite turning back to the Light side of the Force during the time of the story's timeline.



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