"As you die, rest assured that I reflected on you as on all enemies: despising that you must be wrong and I right, but reveling in the triumph of my convictions while whatever species of maggot indigenous to this world expedites the transition of your carcasses from this existence to the next."
―Valin Draco, under the power of Rivan's gatekeeper[src]

Sometime during his reign Darth Rivan made a Sith holocron, which later fell into the hands of the Imperial Inquisitor Valin Draco.

Darth Rivan, a brilliant Zelosian, was known for many other galaxy wide contributions. He made a base on Almas, and modified the atmosphere so it could be inhabitable. He also created the Sith battlelords and was made famous for being the wielder of the powerful artifact known as the Darkstaff, a semi-sentient weapon capable of draining Force-essence from a living being.


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