Darth Scabrous was a Sith Lord and alchemist who served the headmaster of the Sith academy on the frozen world of Odacer-Faustin. Scabrous sought to extend his life indefinitely, and so attempted to create an ancient Sith formula devised by Darth Drear that would grant him immortality using the Murakami orchid. The formula also resulted in the partial resurrection of those who had already died, but turned them into cannibalistic monstrosities. Scarbrous commanded hordes of these creatures during his lifetime.[1] It was rumored that Darth Scabrous granted secret training sessions to Sith Acolyte Rance Lussk, during which he taught Lussk techniques in mind control.

Scabrous planned on using the orchid's caretaker, Hestizo Trace, in a sacrificial ritual in which he would cut out her heart and eat it, allowing the high midi-chlorian count in it to stabilize the formula and truly render himself immortal. However, Hestizo managed to escape and with the sacrifice of her brother Rojo, she managed to kill Scabrous.



Notes and referencesEdit

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