Darth Vader had a fortress retreat on Coruscant's northern hemisphere on the shoreline of the Great Western Sea. From the top of the retreat, the Manarai Mountains could be seen to the east. There were no Imperial City records that mentioned if Vader really had lived there, but it was constructed for him in accordance with his instructions. It had been empty when the New Republic took Coruscant, and it was destroyed by a B-wing starfighter's blasters.

Luke Skywalker discovered it in 16 ABY. As he was in the middle of a crisis of his faith in the Force, believing that as one grew stronger in its use the stronger the dark side tempted them, he pieced together the retreat's ruins and stones from the sea, and went inside to meditate. Luke later invited Han Solo to drive out to the shore and enter the retreat. He would later destroy it again after realizing that cutting himself off from the galaxy was not the answer to staving off the dark side.



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