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Darth Vader's Palace was a building that belonged to Darth Vader. The Palace was located within the Imperial City on Imperial Center, also known as Coruscant. The massive building was in the same category of height as the Emperor's Imperial Palace and Prince Xizor's Palace. However, the Emperor's Palace remained the largest of the three. All three buildings were within walking distance of each other accessed through the highly protected corridors.


While Xizor and Emperor Palpatine relished their palaces with many treasures and luxurious artifacts, the interior of Vader's Palace was much less magnificent. Despite Vader's vast wealth and resources, he displayed no riches or decorations, not even holo-framed pictures on the walls; most of the furnishings were simple greel wood structures. The Palace also housed a hyperbaric chamber similar to the one aboard the Executor where Vader would frequently meditate and cultivate the dark side in an attempt to heal his damaged lungs temporarily. He would also often spar against combat droids to keep his lightsaber skills sharp.

Despite the minimalism of its resident, the Palace did contain a high level of security; surveillance and spy systems were used to analyze all conversations held within and even monitor facial movements and gestures. These were all monitored by body language experts housed within the Palace security offices. Often Xizor would monitor Vader's activities at the Palace using spies, and he always knew when the Sith Lord was within or away from his Coruscanti residence.

The workers in the landing bay at his Palace were trained to get Vader's private shuttle ready as quickly as possible, often within the time it took for the Dark Lord to use the turbolift to the landing bay floor. There was one account of a time when Vader arrived and the shuttle was not ready in which Vader promptly executed those responsible. Ever since, preparations for Vader's shuttle were always punctual.

The Palace was not Vader's only residence on Coruscant; he also had a fortress retreat on the planet's northern hemisphere, on the shoreline of the Western Sea.



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